It is a known fact that 6 out of every 10 online

To reduce shopping cart abandonment, it is necessary to create an excellent checkout page for your potential online buyers. It is a known fact that 6 out of every 10 online purchasers put items in their shopping cart but leave the website without making any purchase. The most important reason is that your ecommerce website lacks a trustworthy checkout page, which is necessary to generate trust and confidence among online buyers that their transactions are processed safely and securely..

There also the matter of what will happen to the seniors on Hickey roster. The Blue Devils currently have seven seniors Chandler Debrosse, Chris Kanios, Buddy Dewaine, Brandon Fox, Michael Delease, Dave Matthews and Andrew Braun who will have to decide if they want to return to the program next season or not. The NCAA announced Friday its council leadership that eligibility relief is appropriate for all Division I student athletes who participated in spring sports..

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